Yuzen production in Kyoto


At the production site in Kyoto

They say Kyoto is hot in summer, but nowadays it is hot everywhere in Japan due to global warming.

However, the production site in Kyoto is located underground and is a cool and comfortable place to work.

We are working hard together with our yuzen masters for the next collection.

The master is Mr. Tani.

Mr. Tani is a veteran of 50 years in this field.


His hands are stained with many colors and are the hands of a master craftsman.

yuzen dai

My favorite iris flower
In my favorite color 
I am having them dyed.
It takes one month to dye one kimono by hand.


yuzen iris

After this, the dyed fabric is steamed

After the colors are fixed and the fabric is ready, it is steamed and dyed.

the gold-plated artisans are ready to work.

Please look forward to the presentation at PARI at the end of September...




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